What is “LUMIELINA?”

What is the origin of light?
What is light? What are photons?

The name Lumielina comes from the meaning of the word "light."

In Modern physics "all matter is created by light."
Matter is energy, and energy is light.

According to Newtonian physics, "force is proportional to mass,"
and Einstein stated "force is proportional to energy."
In Newtonian physics, it is thought that gravity does not affect photons without mass,
whereas Einstein claimed light is affected by gravity because light is energy.

Light is bent by the gravity of the Sun.
Einstein's theory changed the perception of “light.”

The relationship of light, space, and time,
the relationship of light and gravity,
the nature of light particles and the significance of the nature of wavelengths,
the origin of light and the essence of photons.

Lumielina looks at the relationships betwen light, energy, and force, with the goal of developing new technology for future generations.

Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation:F (force) ∝m (mass)

Einstein's General Theory of Relativity:F (force) ∝E/c2 (Energy)