-The universe is programmed with temporal and spatial densities-

What is space?
What is time?
The character-word ‘universe’ is constructed with the meanings of "time" and "space".
In the character-word ‘universe’, which has been created in ancient China,
"woo" means space, and "chu" means time.
Who and when in Ancient China
and by what thought experiment,
did they find out that the universe was made up of space
and time, and came up with the character-word with such a deep meaning?

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The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics.ーGalileo Galilei

Science progresses along with the
clarification of a hierarchical structure

The natural world is made of a "hierarchy". This hierarchical structure of “the laws of micro governing the laws of macro” is called the basic principle of nature. When scientists are able to construct theories and make mathematical expressions with a smaller micro-hierarchical structure, they are able to see the mysterious natural world that has not been able to be seen until now. With new theories deeper in micro-hierarchical structures, scientists are able to develop technologies that could not be developed before.


Water-related Business

Risui®drink business
Functional agricultural water plant design manufacturing
Risui® plant design manufacturing for aquariums


Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical Development related Business

Research and development of an incubator that can induce/differentiate iPS cells/
stem cells to specific cells
Research and development of medical equipment to restore sight
Research and development of glass material that gives wearable vision enhancements
to electronic devices such as televisions and smartphones
Research and development of glasses and sunglasses to recover sight
using the energy of natural light
Research and development of equipment to treat skin diseases


Beauty-related (Essential Beauty®) Business

Innovative Beauty Revolution
Enhancing beauty and health by an essential mechanism called genetic programming of life
– this is what we call “Essential Beauty®”.
On the other hand, we call external and momentary beauty enhanced
by other means such as cosmetic surgeries “superficial beauty”.
We apply our Bioprogramming® Technology to our beauty products,
and progress forward the Essential Beauty® Revolution.


Agricultural related Business

Technology to cultivate vegetables throughout the year in a greenhouse
with taste and nutritional value of in-season vegetables
Technology to higher sugar content of fruits and vegetables under cultivation and keeping
Technology to keep harvested unripe fruits
and ripen them as if they were fully ripened in the fields
Technology to grow vegetables
with taste and nutritional values of those cultivated in open fields
in a vegetable factory all year round
Cellar where wine or brandy is aged quickly
Development of technology to cultivate without chemicals and pesticides


Energy-related Business

Development plans of futuristic energy technologies
Development of "wavelength programming" technology used in power generation
using the wavelength of the entire region of sunlight rays
Research of technology to use programmed laser beams to irradiate metal
and induce the special features of materials
Research to separate hydrogen energy from seawater
and electrolyze seawater with high efficiency in "microwave programming"