-The universe is programmed with temporal and spatial densities-

What is space?
What is time?
The Chinese character for “universe (宇宙)” can be broken down
into the two words “woo (宇)” meaning space, and “chu (宙)” meaning time.
The word for “universe” is said to have been created many years ago in ancient China.
One must wonder how, when, and who in ancient China discovered that the universe is made up of space and time, and thus came up with a word with such a profound meaning?

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The laws of Nature are written in the language of mathematics.ーGalileo Galilei

Science Advances with the
Discovery of Hierarchical Structures

The natural world is made up of “hierarchical structures.” A hierarchical structure is a basic principal of nature in which “the laws of the micro world govern the laws of the macro world.” Through constructing theories and deriving mathematical expressions with a micro-hierarchical structure, scientists can uncover mysterious natural worlds which could not be seen before. By using new theories of deep hierarchical structures in the micro world, it becomes possible to develop new technologies which could not be developed before through macro hierarchical structures.


Water Business

Risui Drink Division
Design and manufacturing of water treatment systems for agricultural water use.
Design and manufacturing of Risui water treatment systems for use in aquariums.


Medical Equipment/Pharmaceutical Development Business

Research and development of incubators that can differentiate,
or guide iPS cells/stem cells into specific cells.
Research and development of medical equipment to enhance vision.
Research and development of wearable glass screens for devices such as
televisions or smart phones, that can improve vision.
Research and development of glasses and sunglasses to improve vision
by harnessing energy from natural light.
Research and development of equipment to treat skin diseases.


Honshitsubi(Limitless Possibility) Business

The beauty revolution has begun.
Achieving health and beauty through the essential structure of genetic programming
for real-life applications is what Lumielina calls “本質美, or Honshitsubi.
This is different from cosmetic surgery and other methods which result in superficial,
fleeting beauty called “形式美, or Keishikibi.
Lumielina applies its proprietary Bioprogramming technology to beauty products
to further the 本質美 Honshitsubi revolution.


Agriculture Business

Technology to cultivate greenhouse vegetables year-round with as much flavor and nutritional value as fresh, seasonal vegetables.
Technology to increase sugar content of fruits and vegetables during harvesting and storing.
Technology to ripen fruit harvested in an unripe state, and help it to ripen as it would in an open field.
Technology to grow vegetables on a year-round basis in plant factories with as much flavor and nutritional value of those cultivated in open fields.
Development of technology for cellars where wine or brandy can be aged rapidly.
Development of pesticide-free cultivation technology.


Advanced Energy Business

Development planning of next-generation energy technology.
Development of "wavelength programming" technology for power generation,
harvesting the full spectrum of sunlight.
Researching technology which utilizes programmed laser beams to irradiate metal
and boost the unique properties of materials.
Researching the separation of hydrogen from seawater as well as how to efficiently
electrolyze seawater through "microwave programming."