Honshitsubi(Limitless Possibility) Business

Development of Bioprogramming beauty devices

The innovative technology built into the ceramics of the REPRONIZER can revitalize hair even with cold wind.

The HAIRBEAURON [CURL] curls hair beautifully without damage, even at the high temperature of 180°C (360°F),
which was unthinkable in the past.
By using the HAIRBEAURON [STRAIGHT] on a daily basis, one can experience the freedom of no longer needing a straight perm.
This device transforms damaged, frizzy hair, into beautiful, shiny hair.
Through the development of these products, LUMIELINA has started a “beauty revolution” in the world of beauty device ceramics.

Bioprogramming Club

- Timecess Beauty

HairTimecess 27D Plus
SkinTimecess 27D Plus