The programming of vibrations and wavelengths

Programming of wavelengths and vibrations refers to the programming of information through the two principles of
wavelengths and vibrations in relation to energy and information in the natural world.
Matter is given a "field" of energy and information through Lumielina's state-of-the-art, original technology.

With the proprietary programming technology developed by Lumielina, it becomes possible to logically examine the relationship between the three principles of nature which are "energy," "information," and "system." Lumielina will continue to discover new ways to approach matter and phenomena from a fresh perspective.

Lumielina is conducting research in applying these theories and technology to various industries.

  1. Research of physical principles at a quantum level which affect the phenomenon of life.
  2. Approach the systematic information of the laws of nature through programming, and research technological developments which efficiently utilize energy inherent in matter and natural phenomena.
  3. Develop techniques to discover new functions found in matter through programming the quantum space of atomic or molecular structures which define the properties of matter using high energy vibrations and wavelengths.
    Technical research to develop new functions found in ceramics, metals, and liquids.
  4. Analyze the changing of the seasons which directly affects the growth, flavor, and scent of plant life as information in the quantum field separate from temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Lumielina is developing agricultural technologies to cultivate seasonal fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, as well as pursue cultivation technologies which involve programming visible rays of light.
  5. Research the programming principle of batteries made with solid ceramics.
  6. Programming of laser light beams/ visible rays/ micro-waves