Corporate Management Philosophy

Management Policies

Lumielina has three management policies that have existed since its inception.
To "create value," "create markets," and "pioneer new business models."

1.Why create value?

  1. Economic principles are for the creation of value required for life activities.
  2. The purpose of management is the accumulation of wealth through the creation of value rather than the pursuit of profit.
  3. Wealth is accumulated by producing value required for life activities and is based on “sincerity” and "kindness."
  4. The devoted practice of sincerity and kindness can be found throughout the Three Bonds in Confucianism,
    Five Cardinal Virtues, Four Principals, and Eight Ethical Values.
  5. Wealth is not just about money. It also refers to important aspects such as courtesy, personality, education,
    and culture which are necessary for people to live in harmony.
  6. The purpose of technological development is found in the creation of value in life activities,
    which is done in a way which does not harm life.

"Three Bonds in Confucianism, which must be retained to obtain order:
master and servant, father and son, husband and wife” (that must be upheld to maintain order.)
"Five cardinal virtues: benevolence, justice, politeness, wisdom, fidelity"
"Four principals: politeness, justice, modesty, diligence"
(Four principles required for the nation and companies to survive)
"Eight ethical values: benevolence, justice, politeness, wisdom, loyalty,
fidelity, filial duty, respect for elders".

2.Why create markets?

  1. New markets are necessary for creating new value.
  2. New markets can be created from technological innovations developed with the future in mind.
  3. Japan experienced rapid growth from the 1950s. However the "mass promotion economic market“ that once enriched society reached its limit in the 1990s and has been in a decline since then. This outdated type of market operates contrary to Y-axis economic principles and contains many values which are harmful to life.
  4. Wealth can be accumulated for society if a new market is developed using the latest cutting-edge technology.
  5. There is hope for the future society if a wealth platform is created with new value.
  6. If economic values are on par with technological values, the GDP (gross domestic product) will be proportional to the population of each country. A single country's GDP can exceed the principle of population ratio through technological innovation.

3.Why pioneer business models? (Business Model Innovation)

  1. Business models reflect each era and its social consciousness.
  2. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, a new consciousness has emerged where people have realized they can create the future.
  3. The business model from production to distribution has changed rapidly as a result of the IT information revolution which began in the 1980s.
  4. When an old business model collapses, the wealth society had obtained from that market collapses as well.
  5. When the economic base sustained by the old business model collapses, tax revenue shortages occur, resulting in increased tax burdens on society.
  6. Competing with old values alone will result in more useless conflicts between nations and businesses, increasing costs and eroding wealth.

Technology and Product Development Policy

1.Technology Development Policy

Accelerating Science and Technology

2.Product Development Policy

Design and Technology

Marketing Policy

1.Space-Time Diagram Marketing

2.XYZ-Axis Marketing

3.0 (Zero) Marketing

Three Methods of Branding

1.Market Value Branding (American-style branding)

A social value creation type of mass promotion marketing in which the economic and technological values of the IT market,
white goods market, supplements market, etc. grow economically in their market value.

2.Corporate Value Branding (Traditional Style/European Style Branding)

There are a number of prominent corporate brands in the world.

3.Culture/Technology Value Branding (Japanese-style branding)

Japan's "Iemoto system" is a unique brand value based on culture and tradition.
Technological value of Lumielina such as “Lumielina Inside” or "Bioprogramming Inside."
Cultural branding that provides technological value.