Advanced Energy Business

Science is the study of the structure of the natural world.
From the 17th century, the scientific work of Galileo Galilei and other scholars focused on
unraveling the mysteries of the material structure of the natural world.
This concept changed greatly when Albert Einstein introduced the theory of relativity in the early 20th century,
when he proposed the relativity of matter and energy.
Up until the 19th century it was thought that gravity was a force impacting matter,
but in fact it was proven to be a force which affects energy.
Gravity bends light because ‘mass-less’ photons are also energy.

If energy is controlled by the mechanism (providence) of nature, could it be possible for energy itself be controlled with information,
when the density and quality of providence is controlled through information?
Lumielina is creating new scientific technologies based on such ideas and concepts.

Research and Development in the Field of Energy

  • Researching efficient utilization of solar energy
  • Researching effective utilization of photosynthesis principles
  • Researching clean energy options such as water photoelectrolysis through solar wavelength programming
  • Developing new functions for metals
  • Researching high-performance magnets free of rare-earth minerals