Water Business

70% of life consists of water.
When considering its hydration structure, water is found to have several mysterious qualities.
When water is programmed at a micro-structural level,
it becomes possible to activate cells and quickly heal wounds.

Living organisms such as fish become more active in water enhanced with centrifugal and centripetal energy.
The vitality of fish can be maintained and improved by installing a Risui water treatment system in aquariums.
We call water programmed with a micro-hierarchical structure ”Risui”.

We believe that by replacing the aquarium water with ”Risui”,
the quality of hydration water structures within cells will improve.
Abnormal biological information resulting from protein vibrations is suppressed within a proper hydration water structure,
and individual gene expressions result in gene-altering programming.
Beauty’s true essence is revealed through the providence of life.

While water has a simple molecular structure, its true capabilities have not yet been fully harnessed.
Water programmed with a micro-hierarchical structure has infinite esoteric possibilities in terms of biological and chemical phenomena.

Our Risui business is an integral part of the Lumielina business divisions.