Medical Equipment / Pharmaceutical Development Business

With what criteria do stem cells program genes, activate proteins, and develop into different cells
such as liver and heart cells?

Lumielina's technological development engineers have discovered that the human body carries out information processing called
"gene programming" in order to classify stem cells as different and unique cells.

Information is essential to modern-day society. Electronic devices play an essential role in this information age.
However, electromagnetic waves, and other potentially harmful forms of energy coming from electronic devices can have a negative effect
on the human body. This has become a serious issue in society.

Light rays from appliances such as televisions and office equipment can be harmful to the human body.
These are used to create screens of light (electromagnetic waves) in a color priority configuration.
Reprogramming useful light beams from an energy group of random light that is emitted from a screen, and reprogramming light to promote beauty and the health of eye cells is called "light programming.”
If it is possible to somehow program light rays from televisions and office equipment, just by allowing them to pass through the glass monitor,
it could be possible to produce televisions and smart phones that are gentle on our eyes or could even heal our eyes through the
reprogramming of our genes.

If light programming for household glass windows is possible, our body could by healed by the sunlight which filters into the room.
Genetic programming in cells could take place within homes and office spaces, promoting and maintaining youth and beauty.

Such significant changes in society can be achieved through innovation in the 21st century.